Version 0.7.4

[Improvement] Custom email sending domain SPF and DKIM records are now checked automatically and the status is displayed near the custom email address settings

[Improvement] Ability to add a link to external postmortems

[Improvement] Added new variable for inserting the event URL into a notification message (incident_urlmaintenance_url)

[Improvement] Maintenance automation interval set to 1 mintue

[Improvement] Team member invites now use an invite code instead of email address validation

[Improvement] Standardized on lower-case email addresses for users and subscribers

[Improvement] Prevent blank names for components or containers

[Improvement] “Custom Message Subject” is now a static field when creating incidents or maintenances

[Bug] Fixed various minor CSS bugs

[Bug] Fixed SMS validation bug

[Bug] Location maps are no longer visible if no locations are linked to containers