Version 0.5.7

[Improvement] Preserve new lines in descriptions and status updates

[Improvement] Simplified the configuration process for New Relic metrics

[Improvement] Updated Pingdom metric documentation

[Improvement] Updated New Relic metric documentation

Version 0.5.6

[Improvement] Display relevant time zone abreviations next to all timestamps

[Improvement] Switched to universal date format

[Improvement] Metric charts now default to Month view

[Improvement] Status bar now displays ‘Active Issue’ when components are triggered outside of an incident or maintenance

[Improvement] Changed default status level text descriptions

[Improvement] Branding link opens in a new tab or window

[Bug] Fixed ui bug for active incident/maintenance top border

[Bug] Locations map now uses appropriate time zone

Version 0.5.5

[Improvement] Reformatted component status table

[Improvement] Improved reliability of maintenance reminder message delivery

[Bug] Active maintenances now alter the status of the affected components and containers

[Bug] Fixed scheduled reminder send times when using a custom time zone

Version 0.5.4

[Improvement] Support for Pingdom BeepManager

[Improvement] Cleaned up UX with status and history pages

[Improvement] Added semantic ID for each page section for custom CSS

[Improvement] Removed purple and yellow default theme options

[Improvement] Removed support for legacy status messages

[Bug] Fixed branding positioning