Version 0.6.0

[Feature] Custom mail sender with DKIM/SPF

[Feature] Option to re-order status page sections

[Improvement] Cleaned up RSS feed format

[Improvement] Increased data provided to webhook subscribers

[Bug] Fixed form validation in dashboard that were causing lag during text input Improvements

We released several improvements to make managing your status page even easier

Notification Templates

Not feeling the default notification templates? No problem. Just cruise on over to your notification settings and click on Modify Message Templates.

Define custom templates for each type of notification:

  • Incident
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Maintenance Update

The message subject is also customizable (per event) when creating a new incident or maintenance.

Check out the available variables for notification templates.

Custom Mail Sender

Our most requested feature! Email notifications may now originate from any email address that you define, such as

DKIM and SPF are supported to ensure reliable message delivery.

Visit the notification view in your dashboard to configure your mail settings.

Re-arrange Your Status Page

Each section of the status page may now be moved to different positions.

We added a simple drag-and-drop tool to help re-order the sections of your status page. Check it out in the design view in your dashboard.

Granular Component Status Levels

Throughout an incident or maintenance event, you may now alter the status level of each component and container individually.

For instance, during a maintenance one component is back to fully operational while the other components are still in maintenance mode.

Dashboard Speed

The dashboard was lagging. We made some changes to how our JavaScript validator was handling forms. Interaction is much smoother now.

And speaking of performance, you can expect many more improvements very soon.

Improved API documentation

Don’t forget about the API. We used Apiary to create some slick API docs, complete with live debugging!

View the API documentation at