Microsoft Teams +

Our newest integration enables status notifications for Microsoft Teams channels.

Features of the Microsoft Teams integration:

Multiple subscriptions can be created to receive notifications in multiple Microsoft Teams channels.

Each subscriber can granularly choose which components to receive notifications for.

The status notifications sent to Microsoft Teams channels can be customized using variables.

Customize the notification messages and manage your subscribers in the Dashboard

Learn more about using Microsoft Teams with in our Knowledge Base.

Version 1.5.2

[Feature] Added Microsoft Teams integration for subscriber notifications

[Improvement] Updated the notification labels to use icons instead of text

[Fix] Automatically reset the reCAPTCHA for new notification subscribers

Version 1.5.1

[Improvement] Standardized component and container sorting to always use the custom order set in the Infrastructure Settings. Previously some parts of the service ignored the custom order and performed sorting alphabetically.

[Improvement] Performance improvements for external service health checks.

[Improvement] Added new Microsoft Azure data center locations to the component location picker.

[Improvement] Added confirmation prompts when deleting incident updates.

[Fix] The internal dashboard view was improperly displaying the status for failing external services.