Version 0.7.6

[Improvement] Added ability to modify the time for previous incident or maintenance status updates

[Improvement] Datepicker for scheduled maintenances only shows dates after that start date

[Bug] Fixed metrics timezone issue

[Bug] Fixed billing view to display current plan

[Bug] Fixed a bug that caused 404 errors for a missing incident or maintenance to be redirected to an undefined URL

Version 0.7.5

[Feature] Ability to backfill historic incidents and maintenances

[Feature] Preview HTML notification templates

[Feature] Ability to set default All Systems Operational text

[Improvement] Last updated timestamps are now included in the Status API

[Improvement] Improved custom SSL certificate settings

[Bug] Fixed a maintenance automation bug that was causing all components to be affected

[Bug] Fixed a bug causing errors from PagerDuty status updates

[Bug] Fixed an issue with the maintenance scheduling date pickers

[Bug] Fixed a bug that prevented the removal of an existing custom domain