Version 0.6.4

[Feature] Create custom locations using the physical address, IP address, FQDN or drag-and-drop the map marker

[Feature] Granular email subscriptions by component/container

[Feature] Status level descriptions are customizable

[Improvement] Optionally enable tooltips displaying common service information on hover for external services

[Improvement] Added separate form field for injecting custom JavaScript code

[Improvement] New options to hide the status bar or just specific elements

[Improvement] Added functionality to set the default selection and notifications options for new incident and maintenance events

[Improvement] Added metric settings to allow automatically calculating the min/max values and/or hiding the y-axis

[Bug] Fixed spacing between status updates on history page

[Bug] Removed SMS character limit, enabling multi-part messages

Custom Locations

Location maps on your status page helps users quickly see the current status of a region.


We added several tools to help you create custom locations.

IP or FQDN Location

Lookup the physical location with a hostname or IP address


Pre-defined Service Providers

Choose from a pre-defined data center location


Address or Map Picker

Search by address or manually drop the pin