Upgrading our plans

We’re excited to announce that we’ve upped the limit for subscribers across all of our plans.


The new subscriber quotas on each plan:

Lite – 300

Pro – 1,500

Business – 5,000 (Upgrades available)


In addition, we’ve upgraded the limits for metrics and team members on our Pro and Business plans.


Note for existing customers: Over the next several days we will be upgrading existing accounts to take advantage of the new limits.

Version 0.9.8

[Improvement] All status pages now support HTTP/2.

[Improvement] Updated pricing plans

[Bug] Fixed issue preventing signup with email addresses containing plus signs

Version 0.9.7

[Feature] Added the ability to manually add new subscribers from within the dashboard

[Improvement] Major improvements to whitelist ACL functionality for private status pages

[Bug] Fixed subscriber confirmation issue for international SMS subscribers