API Libraries For All

We released a bunch of libraries to help you build integrations with our status platform using your favorite language. These libraries are officially maintained by us and will be updated as the API evolves.

Go – https://github.com/statusio/statusio-go

Node.js – https://github.com/statusio/statusio-node

PHP – https://github.com/statusio/statusio-php

Python – https://github.com/statusio/statusio-python

Ruby – https://github.com/statusio/statusio-ruby


Our Github account also lists some non-official libraries and plugins: https://github.com/statusio

Version 0.8.5


[Improvement] Status API returns more detailed info

[Improvement] Added maintenance reminder schedule info

[Improvement] Improved the reliability of IRC notifications by implementing SASL

[Improvement] Support private HipChat servers

[Bug] Fixed 404 errors for successful payment method updates

Version 0.8.4

[Feature] Re-usable status templates for incidents and maintenances

[Feature] Team member permissions to separate normal users and admins

[Improvement] Made the email receipt setting available to all team members

[Improvement] Ability to remove a status page during the set up wizard

[Bug] Fixed metric line thickness


Version 0.8.3

[Feature] Heroku add-on integration

[Feature] Published API libraries: Go, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby

[Improvement] Added support for multi-user Pingdom enterprise accounts

[Improvement] Updated developer API documentation

[Improvement] Handle both seconds and milliseconds for custom metrics API

[Improvement] Added new AWS region: ap-northeast-2 / Seoul

[Improvement] Disabled autocomplete for login view password field

[Improvement] Automatic trial expiring email notifications

[Bug] Fix issue with Internet Explorer and 408 errors

[Bug] Fix Frankfurt AWS region coordinates

[Bug] Fix subscriber/update API method to include ‘method’ variable