Version 0.7.2

[Feature] Maintenance automation

[Improvement] Ability to limit the number of days of history to display

[Improvement] Option to display a description while hovering over a component

[Improvement] Status page description text auto-converts email addresses and URLs to clickable links

[Bug] Status page description text properly respects line breaks

[Bug] Fixed word wrap issue with HTML email templates

[Bug] Fixed notification subscription form auto-focus issue



Allow your users to subscribe to a calendar containing all of your status activity. The calendar is published using the popular iCalendar format, which is supported by most modern calendar applications.

What’s displayed in the calendar

  • All active and resolved incidents
  • All active and completed maintenances
  • All upcoming scheduled maintenances

Calendar Example


Enable the iCalendar subscription in the Notifications settings within the dashboard.

Note: The status page must be activated and in public mode to publish an iCalendar.

Version 0.7.1

[Feature] PagerDuty integration

[Feature] iCalendar subscriptions

[Feature] Status activity feed

[Feature] Option to receive payment receipts via email

[Improvement] High-resolution retina images are now supported for logo and header graphics

[Improvement] ‘TODAYSDATE’ variable is available for use in the notification email message subject

[Improvement] Added pagination to various tables throughout dashboard

[Improvement] Changed ‘Dashboard’ menu item to ‘Login’

[Bug] Resolved an issue preventing maintenance reminder notifications from sending in certain conditions

[Bug] Web requests for deleted incidents or maintenances are now redirected to the parent page instead of displaying an error message

[Bug] Fixed a bug causing the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button to not display on small displays

PagerDuty Integration

Connect your PagerDuty services directly to components and containers to control the status automatically.

Select Components

  1. Choose a component in the dashboard.
  2. Select the PagerDuty integration.
  3. Copy the webhook for the specific container that you wish to link to your PagerDuty services.
  4. Optionally, update the entire component (including all containers) with a single webhook.


Select PagerDuty Service

  1. Select the Services tab in the PagerDuty dashboard.
  2. Choose the service you wish to link to your status page.


Connect PagerDuty Service

  1. Click the Add a webhook button on the service page.
  2. Choose a descriptive name.
  3. Paste the webhook that you copied from
  4. Save!


Status Updates

When the PagerDuty service is triggered, the linked component and container(s) are set to Service Disruption. The status is set to Operational when the PagerDuty incident is resolved.

View the activity feed in your account to see a log of all status updates by PagerDuty.