Version 1.7.1

[Improvement] All team admins can now modify the team SSO settings

[Improvement] TLS/SSL certificate renewal issues are automatically emailed to the team admins

[Fix]Patched bug with team SSO and the Microsoft Edge browser

Version 1.7.0

[Improvement] Display the TLS/SSL certificate validation details in the Dashboard

[Improvement] Increased the account password requirements

[Improvement] Updated the GeoIP lookup tool for infrastructure locations

[Improvement] Tuned page caching for private status pages

[Fix] Incident updates from the Developer API were not changing the status for affected infrastructure

[Fix] The Details field for incident and maintenance updates was not accepting new lines

[Fix] All signup errors were displaying the validation error for password length

[Fix] Background browser tabs could unintentionally change the sort order of components, containers and metrics

Version 1.6.8

[Improvement] Added support for 4096-bit TLS certificates.

[Improvement] The custom email sender verification process has been optimized to process verifications continuously instead of hourly.

[Improvement] Added functionality to retry the custom email sender verification process.

[Improvement] The DKIM status for custom email sender domains is displayed in the Dashboard.

[Improvement] Legacy Twilio SMS integrations will now see instructions in the Dashboard for updating the integration to comply with international guidelines and improve SMS delivery.

Version 1.6.7

[Improvement] Updated new data center locations for AWS and Linode

[Improvement] Updated Nagios integration to support both Nagios Core and Nagios XI

[Improvement] Twilio SMS integration now supports Twilio Messaging Services to enable multiple phone numbers and Alpha Sender ID’s to improve deliverability and comply with global guidelines