Version 1.2.0

[Improvement] Enhanced pagination functionality for subscribers lists

[Bug] Fixed pagination bug on history page

[Bug] Fixed bug affecting SSL settings page for pending certificates


Version 1.1.8

[Improvement] Update max length of status notification tweets to 280 characters

[Bug] Fixed bug causing the URL to be truncated incorrectly for some status notification tweets


Version 1.1.7

[Improvement] Enhanced the payload for webhook notifications (Documentation:

[Bug] Fixed bug causing the URL to exclude the maintenance_id in notification messages during maintenance create


Version 1.1.6

[Improvement] Improved SSL certificate validation process for dedicated certificates

[Bug] Fixed bug causing the URL to exclude the incident_id in notification messages

[Bug] Fixed SMS truncate issue for incident notifications


Version 1.1.4

[Feature] Added new partner integration: OpsGenie

[Feature] Added new partner integration: Pingometer

[Improvement] Optimized the location selector for containers

[Improvement] Added Developer API methods to retrieve a single incident or maintenance

[Improvement] Added Developer API methods to retrieve a list of IDs for incidents or maintenances

[Improvement] Updated the Developer API documentation for /component/status/update to specifically handle a single component+container combination, instead of handling multiple components/containers per call

[Bug] Fixed an issue that allowed notification subscribers to signup more than once

[Bug] Updated coordinates for AWS location eu-central-1




Version 1.1.3

[Feature] Added new metrics integration for Librato

[Improvement] Inbound email alerts have been enhanced to handle multiple cases (DOWN, Down, down)


Version 1.1.2

[Improvement] Added functionality to modify the affected infrastructure for existing incidents and maintenances (View more details in the blog post)

[Improvement] Improved the infrastructure affected linking for incidents in the dashboard and API (Review the updated API documentation at

[Improvement] Updated server providers for container locations

[Bug] Fixed a bug that affected sorting when adding new components, containers and metrics