Version 0.6.5

[Feature] HipChat integration

[Feature] Slack integration

[Feature] Single pages for each individual incident or maintenance event

[Improvement] Backend performance optimization

[Improvement] Auto-set components to Operational after incident is resolved

[Bug] Fixed issue affecting New Relic Apdex metrics

Version 0.6.4

[Feature] Create custom locations using the physical address, IP address, FQDN or drag-and-drop the map marker

[Feature] Granular email subscriptions by component/container

[Feature] Status level descriptions are customizable

[Improvement] Optionally enable tooltips displaying common service information on hover for external services

[Improvement] Added separate form field for injecting custom JavaScript code

[Improvement] New options to hide the status bar or just specific elements

[Improvement] Added functionality to set the default selection and notifications options for new incident and maintenance events

[Improvement] Added metric settings to allow automatically calculating the min/max values and/or hiding the y-axis

[Bug] Fixed spacing between status updates on history page

[Bug] Removed SMS character limit, enabling multi-part messages

Version 0.6.3

[Feature] Added Uptime Robot monitoring integration

[Improvement] Added ability to choose daily or monthly metric view by default

[Improvement] Added ability to remove last updated time from status bar

[Improvement] Cleaned up responsiveness for mobile displays

[Improvement] Added RamNode data center locations

[Bug] Partial metric data now displays proper date

Version 0.6.1

[Feature] Added support for custom SSL certificates

[Feature] Added timeline to status history view

[Feature] Added methods to the developer API for viewing messages and deleting events

[Improvement] Complete overhaul of status page front-end code

[Improvement] Improved support for custom CSS

[Improvement] Maintenance schedule date pickers now auto populate

[Bug] Fixed CNAME creation bug

[Bug] Fixed historic maintenance sorting

[Bug] Fixed notification subject message parsing bug

[Bug] Fixed RSS feed validation errors

Version 0.6.0

[Feature] Custom mail sender with DKIM/SPF

[Feature] Option to re-order status page sections

[Improvement] Cleaned up RSS feed format

[Improvement] Increased data provided to webhook subscribers

[Bug] Fixed form validation in dashboard that were causing lag during text input

Version 0.5.9

[Feature] Customizable notification message templates

[Feature] Set custom message subjects for notifications

[Improvement] De-cluttered menubar and added simple bottom menu

[Improvement] Added button to manually refresh status page preview in designer

[Bug] Disabled auto saves for custom CSS and HTML forms

Version 0.5.8

[Feature] Use granular status levels for each component/container within incidents and maintenances

[Improvement] Maintenance updates support IRC notifications

[Bug] Fixed CORS support

[Bug] Re-added location details for historic incidents

[Bug] Fixed formatting issues for invoices

Version 0.5.7

[Improvement] Preserve new lines in descriptions and status updates

[Improvement] Simplified the configuration process for New Relic metrics

[Improvement] Updated Pingdom metric documentation

[Improvement] Updated New Relic metric documentation

Version 0.5.6

[Improvement] Display relevant time zone abreviations next to all timestamps

[Improvement] Switched to universal date format

[Improvement] Metric charts now default to Month view

[Improvement] Status bar now displays ‘Active Issue’ when components are triggered outside of an incident or maintenance

[Improvement] Changed default status level text descriptions

[Improvement] Branding link opens in a new tab or window

[Bug] Fixed ui bug for active incident/maintenance top border

[Bug] Locations map now uses appropriate time zone