Version 0.4.5

[Feature] Add New Relic as metric data source

[Improvement] Simplified incident update process

[Improvement] Enhanced billing reporting

[Improvement] Refactored billing communications

[Bug] Fixed CDN image loading in dashboard views

[Bug] Fixed browser security errors for status page previews

[Bug] Fixed minor browser errors in dashboard

[Bug] Sorted maintenance update messages properly

Version 0.4.3

[Feature] Added .com cname for optional bypassing of the .io TLD

[Feature] Components are now sortable via drag and drop

[Improvement] Live chat support is now accessible from anywhere inside the Dashboard

[Improvement] Redesigned the website

[Bug] Fixed notification message subjects

Version 0.4.1

[Improvement] Tour only shows during first Dashboard session

[Improvement] Removed about text from status page history view

[Improvement] Refactored top bar status level

[Improvement] Removed Uservoice to use Olark exclusively for support

[Improvement] Status pages now refresh automatically every 5 minutes

[Bug] Fixed tiemzone bug for status page history view

[Bug] Fixed minor RSS bug for status feeds

[Bug] Fixed auto-tweet bug

[Bug] Fixed URL in password recovery emails for contacting support