Version 1.5.1

[Improvement] Standardized component and container sorting to always use the custom order set in the Infrastructure Settings. Previously some parts of the service ignored the custom order and performed sorting alphabetically.

[Improvement] Performance improvements for external service health checks.

[Improvement] Added new Microsoft Azure data center locations to the component location picker.

[Improvement] Added confirmation prompts when deleting incident updates.

[Fix] The internal dashboard view was improperly displaying the status for failing external services.

Subscriber Notification Logs

We recently released a highly requested feature — Subscriber Notification Logs.

For every incident or maintenance update, you can now view the list of subscribers who were sent the notification.

Notification logs are available for all notification types (Email, Webhook, SMS, Slack, etc).

Learn more about notification logs in the Knowledge Base.

Version 1.5.0

[Feature] Subscriber notification logs for all notification methods can now be exported

[Feature] Added tool to remove subscribers from the blacklist

[Improvement] Manage subscriber inputs now handle any case

[Improvement] Incident update webhook notifications contain the incident title in the payload

[Fix] The team member total value now accounts for the page owner

Version 1.4.8

[Improvement] Dashboard performance optimizations

[Improvement] Minor UX updates to the Dashboard

[Improvement] Developer API performance optimizations

[Fix] New Relic metric integration breaks when adding an invalid API key

[Fix] Webhook address wrap