New Subscriber Management Tools

We added some new functionality to make life easier when managing your subscribers.


The subscriber lists are now searchable. You can search based on any part of the email address.

Example of a search for the term “gmail”


The subscriber lists can be exported to a CSV file.

Click the View More Subscribers button to view the entire subscriber list. Next click the Export Email Subscribers button to generate and download a CSV file containing all subscribers.


Protect your subscriber list from spam by requiring new subscribers to verify they are human with Google reCAPTCHA.

Example when reCAPTCHA is enabled

Learn more about Subscriber Management in the Knowledge Base

Version 1.3.9

[Improvement] Added the ability to require a reCAPTCHA for notification subscribers

[Improvement] Automatically use the message subject defined in the custom templates if the message_subject parameter is not defined in API requests

[Improvement] Various interface improvements in the Dashboard

[Fix] Remediated an XSS issue for incident and maintenance page views

[Fix] Remediated an XSS issue for managing notification subscriptions

[Fix] Resolved an issue where the metric chart would ignore the configured time zone and only display the times in UTC

Version 1.3.8

[Improvement] Added search functionality for subscriber lists

[FIX] Fixed XSS bug for manage subscriptions

[Fix] Fixed formatting issue where a leading space was added to infrastructure names

Version 1.3.7

[Improvement] Added changelog notifications in the Dashboard

[Improvement] Provide feedback when validating the affected infrastructure for new incidents and maintenances

[Improvement] Changed the post button to prevent duplicates when creating or updating incidents and maintenances

[Fix] Added validation for time values when scheduling new maintenances

Version 1.3.3

[Improvement] Added new AWS and Rackspace data center locations

[Improvement] Updated the date/time stamp for incident email notifications to match the format and time zone on the status page

[Fix] Display the correct date format in maintenance notification previews

[Fix] Display the resolve date in incident notification previews

Version 1.3.2

[Feature] Added functionality to cancel a maintenance and send notifications

[Feature] Added functionality to post an update prior to starting a maintenance

[Feature] Reminder emails will be sent to the maintenance creator when a maintenance was not started as scheduled

[Improvement] Updated the date/time stamp for maintenance reminder email notifications to match the format and time zone on the status page

[Improvement] Maintenances can only be rescheduled before they are started

[Improvement] Added the schedule to active running maintenances

[Improvement] Existing messages can only be edited and not deleted from a maintenance

[Improvement] Enabled the automatic last updated setting for all existing status pages

[Improvement] Historic maintenances are now displayed using the end date/time instead of the scheduled date/time

[Improvement] History limits now apply to the resolve/end date instead of the date started

[Fix] Rescheduling a planned maintenance resets the reminder notifications

[Fix] Fixed the notification preview content for automated maintenance notifications

Version 1.3.1

[Improvement] Enabled automatic updating of last updated value for new pages by default

[Improvement] Added limit for RSS feeds

[Improvement] Added limit for message details total length

[Improvement] Updated the Dashboard preview URL

[Fix] Fixed subscriber manage URL during trial

[Fix] Fixed link colors for external services

[Fix] Fixed date and time conversion for scheduled maintenance notification previews