Slack Integration Update

Slack is requiring all Slack Apps to be updated for Granular Permissions. This update improves the security of our Slack integration by limiting the permissions. will only request permission to post messages to a single channel.

All Slack subscribers must resubscribe

An email will automatically be sent to all subscribers advising of this update with instructions to resubscribe. Status notifications will not be received in their Slack channel until they resubscribe.

Other Changes

Slack status notification messages will display the icon. If you had previously set up a custom icon, it will not be used. This is a limitation introduced by Slack’s API changes. We will be watching closely for future updates, as we would love to re-introduce this feature.

Learn more about the Slack update from Slack’s Developer Blog.

Updated Pingdom API

Pingdom recently updated their API to version 3.1. This update is security focused and requires all current Pingdom metrics to be updated in your account.

Pingdom accounts are now connected using a read-only API token instead of the legacy username and password credentials.

To complete the update, your Pingdom API token must be added to each of your metrics. Please review our Knowledge Base article for instructions.

Tip: Connect multiple Pingdom accounts by using multiple API tokens.

If you do not perform this change before September 1st, your metrics will stop working.

Learn more about the Pingdom API improvements in Pingdom’s official announcement.

Version 1.4.3

[Feature] (BETA) Added Vonage (previously Nexmo) as an alternate SMS gateway

[Improvement] Added self-serve functionality to disconnect a Twilio account and delete the Twilio number

[Improvement] Added setting for location maps to disable auto zoom on mouse scroll

[Improvement] Improved response messages for new subscriber signups

Version 1.4.2

[Improvement] Add new Azure data center location (Madrid Spain)

[Improvement] Enhanced webhook notification payload to include start/stop timestamps

[Improvement] Improved handling of Pingdom monitoring alerts that are received out of order

[Fix] Display correct service dates on invoices for annual subscriptions

[Fix] Subscribers added via the Developer API with a blank granular array are subscribed to all components

[Fix] reCAPTCHA fixed for situations where webhook notifications were disabled

Version 1.4.1

[Improvement] Add new AWS regions (Milan, Cape Town)

[Improvement] Decrease limit for Developer API methods: incident/list and maintenance/list (both methods will be deprecated in future versions)

[Fix] Fix team member view where using a tab can remove a team member

[Fix] Fix possible clickjacking vulnerability

[Fix] Fix history limits and sorting for main page history

Version 1.4.0

[Feature] Added functionality to view the email subscriber blacklist

[Improvement] Enhanced error messages if new subscriber is blacklisted

[Improvement] Improved the efficiency of the email blacklist system

[Improvement] Optimized page load for various dashboard views

[Improvement] Added new Azure datacenter locations

[Fix] Updated the Frankfurt location with correct geo coordinates

[Fix] Fixed a validation issue that allowed invalid characters in the email sender FROM name

[Fix] Fixed inbound email processing delays

[Fix] Fixed an issue in inbound email processing where certain mail clients (ie. Outlook, Yahoo) add special characters to the email address

[Fix] Fix an issue where custom metrics with no received data were causing the display settings (auto value calculations, hide Y-axis) to not be applied to other metrics on the page

New Subscriber Management Tools

We added some new functionality to make life easier when managing your subscribers.


The subscriber lists are now searchable. You can search based on any part of the email address.

Example of a search for the term “gmail”


The subscriber lists can be exported to a CSV file.

Click the View More Subscribers button to view the entire subscriber list. Next click the Export Email Subscribers button to generate and download a CSV file containing all subscribers.


Protect your subscriber list from spam by requiring new subscribers to verify they are human with Google reCAPTCHA.

Example when reCAPTCHA is enabled

Learn more about Subscriber Management in the Knowledge Base

Version 1.3.9

[Improvement] Added the ability to require a reCAPTCHA for notification subscribers

[Improvement] Automatically use the message subject defined in the custom templates if the message_subject parameter is not defined in API requests

[Improvement] Various interface improvements in the Dashboard

[Fix] Remediated an XSS issue for incident and maintenance page views

[Fix] Remediated an XSS issue for managing notification subscriptions

[Fix] Resolved an issue where the metric chart would ignore the configured time zone and only display the times in UTC