Version 1.2.8

[Feature] Preview notification messages during incidents and maintenances

[Improvement] Added new AWS Stockholm region (eu-north-1)

[Improvement] Added refresh button for dashboard status levels

[Improvement] Added confirmation popup when rotating API credentials

[Improvement] Validate custom domains

[Bug] Fixed bug causing reminder notifications to be sent for a maintenance that was manually started early

[Bug] Fixed bug in manage subscription page where a URL could be shown for another domain

[Bug] Fixed bug causing some browsers to show a warning when viewing the My Account page

[Bug] Fixed bug where a deleted container with a non-operational status could be used for the component overall status

[Bug] Fixed bug where a deleted component/container could still be displayed on the location map



Version 1.2.7

[Improvement] Optimized Public Status API

[Bug] Removed extra return data for new subscriber requests

[Bug] Fixed bug causing multiple “Welcome” emails to be sent to some new users


Version 1.2.5

[Improvement] Optimized response data for API calls displaying the component history

[Bug] Fixed issue when color hex codes are pasted into the theme design settings

[Bug] Fixed the All components and containers clickable text when creating a new incident

Version 1.2.4

[Improvement] SMS subscriber validation is required for all new subscribers

[Improvement] Added ability to change CSS styles for subscriber links (RSS, iCalendar and Twitter)

[Improvement] All API errors are sent as JSON

[Bug] Fixed SMS unsubscribe issue causing some subscribers to remain listed as a subscriber


Version 1.2.3

[Improvement] New notification subscribers automatically subscribe to updates for all new components and containers

[Improvement] Updated the variable names for plain-text mail notification templates

[Bug] Fixed bug calculating incorrect days until next maintenance