Version 1.4.3

[Feature] (BETA) Added Vonage (previously Nexmo) as an alternate SMS gateway

[Improvement] Added self-serve functionality to disconnect a Twilio account and delete the Twilio number

[Improvement] Added setting for location maps to disable auto zoom on mouse scroll

[Improvement] Improved response messages for new subscriber signups

Version 1.4.2

[Improvement] Add new Azure data center location (Madrid Spain)

[Improvement] Enhanced webhook notification payload to include start/stop timestamps

[Improvement] Improved handling of Pingdom monitoring alerts that are received out of order

[Fix] Display correct service dates on invoices for annual subscriptions

[Fix] Subscribers added via the Developer API with a blank granular array are subscribed to all components

[Fix] reCAPTCHA fixed for situations where webhook notifications were disabled

Version 1.4.1

[Improvement] Add new AWS regions (Milan, Cape Town)

[Improvement] Decrease limit for Developer API methods: incident/list and maintenance/list (both methods will be deprecated in future versions)

[Fix] Fix team member view where using a tab can remove a team member

[Fix] Fix possible clickjacking vulnerability

[Fix] Fix history limits and sorting for main page history

Version 1.4.0

[Feature] Added functionality to view the email subscriber blacklist

[Improvement] Enhanced error messages if new subscriber is blacklisted

[Improvement] Improved the efficiency of the email blacklist system

[Improvement] Optimized page load for various dashboard views

[Improvement] Added new Azure datacenter locations

[Fix] Updated the Frankfurt location with correct geo coordinates

[Fix] Fixed a validation issue that allowed invalid characters in the email sender FROM name

[Fix] Fixed inbound email processing delays

[Fix] Fixed an issue in inbound email processing where certain mail clients (ie. Outlook, Yahoo) add special characters to the email address

[Fix] Fix an issue where custom metrics with no received data were causing the display settings (auto value calculations, hide Y-axis) to not be applied to other metrics on the page

Version 1.3.9

[Improvement] Added the ability to require a reCAPTCHA for notification subscribers

[Improvement] Automatically use the message subject defined in the custom templates if the message_subject parameter is not defined in API requests

[Improvement] Various interface improvements in the Dashboard

[Fix] Remediated an XSS issue for incident and maintenance page views

[Fix] Remediated an XSS issue for managing notification subscriptions

[Fix] Resolved an issue where the metric chart would ignore the configured time zone and only display the times in UTC

Version 1.3.8

[Improvement] Added search functionality for subscriber lists

[FIX] Fixed XSS bug for manage subscriptions

[Fix] Fixed formatting issue where a leading space was added to infrastructure names

Version 1.3.7

[Improvement] Added changelog notifications in the Dashboard

[Improvement] Provide feedback when validating the affected infrastructure for new incidents and maintenances

[Improvement] Changed the post button to prevent duplicates when creating or updating incidents and maintenances

[Fix] Added validation for time values when scheduling new maintenances