Version 1.0.1

[Improvement] Enhanced subscriber validation

[Improvement] Updated 2017 dates

[Improvement] Changed subscriber management to disallow email address changes

[Bug] Fixed sorting of incident and maintenance templates

[Bug] Fixed bug that was forcing some webhook addresses to be lowercased



Version 1.0.0


[Improvement] Updated all service location regions

[Improvement] Added message subject parameter for events created via the developer API

[Bug] Fixed sorting of components and containers

[Bug] Fixed dashboard redirect issue

[Bug] Fixed location map zoom buttons


Version 0.9.9

[Improvement] Updated the Settings, Design and Notification views in the Dashboard

[Improvement] Location map zooms on scroll

[Improvement] Optional location map zoom buttons

[Improvement] Added additional time zones (NZST, KST)

[Bug] Fixed SMS subscriber tab when SMS is disabled

[Bug] Fixed bug affecting custom metrics with non-millisecond inputs


Version 0.9.8-a

[Security] Disabled open redirect issue

[Improvement] Added time zone (Europe/Tallinn)

[Bug] Fixed issue causing duplicate maintenance events to display in the history


Version 0.9.8

[Improvement] All status pages now support HTTP/2.

[Improvement] Updated pricing plans

[Bug] Fixed issue preventing signup with email addresses containing plus signs

Version 0.9.7

[Feature] Added the ability to manually add new subscribers from within the dashboard

[Improvement] Major improvements to whitelist ACL functionality for private status pages

[Bug] Fixed subscriber confirmation issue for international SMS subscribers

Version 0.9.6

[Improvement] Email confirmation is now required for web hook subscribers

[Improvement] Increased Business plan to include up to 50 team members

[Improvement] Added time zone for South Africa

[Bug] Fixed newline issue for HTML email templates

[Bug] Fixed custom domain provisioning bug for new accounts

[Bug] Fixed subscriber API to make the address field optional again for subscriber/update

Version 0.9.5

[Improvement] Optimized incident creation process to eliminate timeout errors

[Improvement] Extra subscriptions are now displayed on the invoices

[Improvement] Updated the subscription plans

[Improvement] All SMS subscribers are now required to confirm the subscription

[Bug] Fixed service date range for annual invoices

[Bug] Fixed email confirmation requirement for new email subscribers

[Bug] Fixed SMS toggle button

Version 0.9.4

[Improvement] Manage subscription link in notification emails now uses the custom domain or subdomain

[Improvement] Optionally choose to display limited history on the main status page

[Bug] Fixed various timezone bugs

[Bug] Fixed sorting of scheduled maintenances in the dashboard and API

[Bug] Fixed validation issue for custom email sending from name

Version 0.9.3

[Improvement] TLS process has been updated to support Amazon certificates

[Improvement] Team admins can now remove team members

[Bug] Fixed issue downloading PDF receipts

[Bug] Fixed API access for trial accounts