Version 0.9.5

[Improvement] Optimized incident creation process to eliminate timeout errors

[Improvement] Extra subscriptions are now displayed on the invoices

[Improvement] Updated the subscription plans

[Improvement] All SMS subscribers are now required to confirm the subscription

[Bug] Fixed service date range for annual invoices

[Bug] Fixed email confirmation requirement for new email subscribers

[Bug] Fixed SMS toggle button

Version 0.9.4

[Improvement] Manage subscription link in notification emails now uses the custom domain or subdomain

[Improvement] Optionally choose to display limited history on the main status page

[Bug] Fixed various timezone bugs

[Bug] Fixed sorting of scheduled maintenances in the dashboard and API

[Bug] Fixed validation issue for custom email sending from name

Version 0.9.3

[Improvement] TLS process has been updated to support Amazon certificates

[Improvement] Team admins can now remove team members

[Bug] Fixed issue downloading PDF receipts

[Bug] Fixed API access for trial accounts

Version 0.9.2


[Improvement] Added Joyent data center locations to service providers

[Improvement] Updated custom mail settings to include SPF record

[Improvement] Improved SSL certificate process


Version 0.9.1


[Improvement] Optimized the email notification workers to improve delivery speeds

[Improvement] Updated New Relic metric integration

[Improvement] Tuned TLS connection configuration

[Improvement] Fixed Status API response data format

[Bug] Fixed uptime calculation for Pingdom metrics

[Bug] Fixed DKIM validation display bug



Improving Email Delivery for Status Notifications

Today we’re announcing our newest integration with Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES).

All status notifications will now be delivered via SES instead of Mandrill. Due to a major change in terms at Mandrill, we decided to use this opportunity to switch to a more reliable provider.

Amazon SES is a rock solid email service built on the reliable and scalable infrastructure that Amazon developed to serve its own customer base.


Action Required:

Existing users will need to re-verify their custom email domain settings. Verification is quick and simple. Learn more in our knowledge base article.

While verification is pending, status notifications will be sent from

Version 0.9.0


[Feature] Ability to view email delivery report for status notifications

[Feature] Option to have the Last Updated time automatically updated

[Improvement] Migrated email delivery to Amazon SES

[Improvement] Automatic handling of bounced email messages

[Improvement] Version identifier links to the Changelog

[Improvement] Added New Relic metric type (Throughput RPM)

[Bug] Fixed a bug causing the custom HTML to break for certain status pages


Version 0.8.8


[Feature] Search engine privacy

[Improvement] Migrated inbound email alerts to new service provider (SendGrid)

[Bug] Fixed a bug causing some New Relic metrics to not be updated

[Bug] Fixed a bug causing connections to private HipChat servers to fail

Version 0.8.7


[Feature] Added support for multiple custom domains

[Improvement] Enhanced history search functionality

[Bug] Fixed an issue causing some non-admin team members to receive 404 errors in the dashboard