Email Notification Template Updates

The default HTML email notification templates have been updated to ensure compatibility with all of the popular mail clients.

In previous versions, the templates used a plain-text block to display the update message. This caused some mail clients to ignore the line breaks. Our new templates use pure HTML and line breaks are replaced with BR tags.

View the updated default templates here.

Learn more about notification templates in our Knowledge Base.


Updating Your Custom Templates

If you have customized your templates, the templates will continue to work and will use the original plain-text block. To update your custom templates, replace the following variables:


Incident Template:



Maintenance Template:



Maintenance Reminder Template:




Version 1.0.7

[Improvement] Ability to filter both component and container on history page

[Improvement] Minor dashboard UX improvements

[Improvement] Option to hide History link on status page

[Improvement] Updated email notification templates to use HTML line breaks for greater compability (Learn more)

[Bug] Fixed container sorting issue for re-position function

[Bug] Fixed error handling in Python module


Version 1.0.6

[Improvement] Added option for using 24-hour time

[Improvement] Added import functionality to the Developer API for historic incident and maintenance events

[Improvement] Subscriber management now offers Select All and Deselect All buttons

[Improvement] Added functionality for manually re-ordering the containers

[Improvement] Added option to reverse the sorting direction for incident and maintenance status messages

[Bug] Completed automated maintenances cannot be rescheduled after the automation has started



Version 1.0.5

[Improvement] Optimized the delivery of IRC notifications

[Improvement] Granular subscriptions are now available for SMS and webhook subscribers

[Improvement] Subscribers can request the management link directly from the status page

[Improvement] Improved the create component functionality within the dashboard for accounts with large numbers of containers

[Bug] Fixed the start date value in incident email notifications to account for situations when the first message date was changed


Version 1.0.4-a

[Improvement] Date pickers conform to configured date format

[Improvement] Reschedule maintenance automatically populates original date and time

[Improvement] Increased width for history filter drop down

[Bug] Fixed team member join form validation


Version 1.0.4

[Feature] User tracking for incident and maintenance updates

[Improvement] Enhanced redundancy to mitigate S3 outages for static assets and customer hosted images

[Improvement] Refactored cache invalidation process to mitigate S3 outages

[Improvement] Subscriber total value no longer factors in any pending subscribers


Version 1.0.3

[Improvement] Added a setting to change the container label displayed in incidents and maintenances

[Bug] Fixed container location bug that caused the location to be automatically set in certain circumstances

[Bug] Fixed stats widget calculation for upcoming maintenances

[Bug] Fixed custom subdomain setting issue for subdomains containing dashes

[Bug] Fixed team member invite join issue that allowed the email addresses to be modified


Enhanced Container Layouts

Containers are displayed below each component on a status page. The containers represent data centers, physical locations, cloud providers or any other grouping that makes sense for your unique system.

When we launched, containers were displayed in a vertical list below each component. Since then, we’ve experimented with different layouts and observed how our customers were customizing their status pages to learn more about the optimal display.

To make it easier to modify the container layout, we’ve released a new design setting to choose the layout thats works best for you. Choose to display containers in either horizontal, vertical or vertical expanded layouts.

Check out the examples below to see each layout in action.


Horizontal Layout


Vertical Expanded Layout


Vertical Condensed Layout


Modify the container layout from the Design/Advanced tab in the Dashboard. Learn more about container display options in our Knowledge Base.