Menu Bar Placement

We released another minor UX option for your status pages.

Now you can choose where to place the menu bar, either at the top, bottom or both sections of the status page.

The menu bar contains the buttons: subscribe, history, maintenance, report issue

You may still disable the report and subscribe buttons too.

Modify your menu bar’s placement in the Dashboard Design view.


Top example 


Bottom example 


Version 0.4.7

[Feature] Ability to customize status level colors

[Feature] Scheduled maintenance reminder notifications

[Feature] Custom HTML header/footer

[Feature] Toggle component status directly from dashboard without creating an incident

[Improvement] Reschedule maintenance

[Improvement] Display dates for metric x-axis tick marks

[Improvement] Ability to disable subscribe button

[Bug] Fixed New Relic weekly metrics data to display proper intervals

[Bug] Chat functionality restored to dashboard design view

[Bug] Advanced colors now auto-save during input in dashboard design view

[Bug] Fixed issue where time pickers would not display in modals

Custom HTML

Many customers have requested more design functionality. UX is going to be our top priority for the month of April — We have a whole slew of fantastic features planned…

In the mean time, we are rolling out some minor pieces of the design puzzle. Today we’re announcing official support for custom HTML.

Write your own code and it will be injected into the header and footer areas of your status page.

This is a great place to link back to your website, engineering blog, social media or pretty much whatever your heart desires.

Get started in the Dashboard Design view.


We’re always happy to help if you run into any issues or have a suggestion. Contact us anytime.

Custom Status Level Colors

Status level colors are used to visually indicate the current status of a specific component, container or incident.

Example: The table of components at the top of the status page are each colored according to the current status.

Here’s what each color means:

Green — OK / Operational

Blue — Maintenance

Orange — Warning / Partial outage / Degraded performance

Red — Emergency / Major outage / Security issue

Up until now, every status page used the same shade of each color.

Starting today you may choose your own colors. Use the Dashboard Design view to pick your colors.



Toggle Component Status

Instead of strictly controlling the status of components with incidents or maintenances, you may now toggle the status of each component right from your Dashboard.

This functionality already existed within our API and it’s also how we implemented automated status toggles via emails and Pingdom. Now you may do it manually.

To change a component status, click the container and then choose from the component drop-down.



Two Factor Auth

In an effort to protect your status page from brute-force attacks and stolen credentials, we released support for Yubico Yubikey two factor authentication.

It’s super simple to set up.

  1. Get a Yubikey device! You can purchase them here.
  2. Sign in to your account and navigate to the Account view.
  3. Enter your OTP using the Yubikey


4. If the Yubikey connection was successful your account will say Yubikey Connected


That’s it! Every time you sign in to you can just tap your Yubikey while selecting the OTP field.


We’re always happy to help if you run into any issues or have a suggestion. Contact us anytime.

Version 0.4.6

[Feature] Integration with Yubico 2-factor authentication

[Feature] Ability to upload custom favicon

[Feature] Ability to disable specific notification types

[Improvement] Active incidents and maintenances are now displayed towards the top of the status page

[Improvement] Refactored incident notification email message template

[Improvement] New team members now default to their team page

Version 0.4.5

[Feature] Add New Relic as metric data source

[Improvement] Simplified incident update process

[Improvement] Enhanced billing reporting

[Improvement] Refactored billing communications

[Bug] Fixed CDN image loading in dashboard views

[Bug] Fixed browser security errors for status page previews

[Bug] Fixed minor browser errors in dashboard

[Bug] Sorted maintenance update messages properly

External Service Monitoring

We just launched a surprise new feature… External service monitoring!

Our robots are continuously monitoring the API endpoints of various 3rd party services. Over 50 services are already being monitored and you can see the whole list at

You can now select the appropriate services and include their current status directly on your status page.

Here’s an example of how external service health is displayed on our status page:


Add external services to your status page in the Dashboard. Simple go to the Components view and scroll to the bottom. Click the Add service button in the External services section.

Feel free to add as many services as you wish. They will be sorted alphabetically on your status page.


StripeTwilioMailchimp and Twitter are just some of the 50+ services we are monitoring already. Let us know what services we are missing.

Unlimited external services are included with every plan. Get rollin’ today at