Version 1.6.4

[Improvement] Display alert when scheduling a maintenance if the end date is before the start date.

[Improvement] Display alert when resolving an incident with the status not set to operational.

[Fix] Automatically update the stats widgets when an incident is resolved or when the stats widget settings are changed.

[Fix] Fixed an issue where some dashboard views caused the browser to glitch on page load.

[Fix] Resolved an issue that caused errors to not be received for Vonage SMS notifications.

Version 1.6.3

[Improvement] Significant speed improvements for delivery of status notifications. This applies to all notification methods.

[Improvement] Updated data center locations for AWS and Azure.

[Improvement] Improved the private page OIDC configuration settings.

[Improvement] Improved the dedicated SSL certificate process to restart verifications after timeout.

[Improvement] Optimized the display of historic incident and maintenance events.

[Improvement] Improved the DNS validation check for custom domains.

[Fix] Fixed case sensitive bug in the request manage subscription function for webhook subscribers.

Version 1.6.2

[Improvement] Update data center locations for AWS and Azure.

[Improvement] Enable jQuery version changes for status pages.

[Fix] Sort Slack notification subscribers by date subscribed.

[Fix] Handle newline characters in Slack notifications.

Version 1.6.1-a

[Feature] Custom response headers can be added to status pages.

[Improvement] The New Relic monitoring integration is updated to work with the new alerting upgrade to Workflows and Destinations.

[Improvement] The DNS record is monitored for status pages using custom domains.

[Improvement] The provisioning status is displayed when creating a new private page with OIDC.

[Improvement] New SSL certificates are validated for the proper bit length.

[Fix] Modified the Twitter integration to properly calculate the URL length for tweets using certain CCTLDs when the protocol is included.

[Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented disabling IP access control for private pages.

Version 1.6.1

[Improvement] Added functionality to remove or change the Identity Provider for private status pages.

[Improvement] Added functionality to modify or turn off IP Access Control for private status pages.

[Improvement] Added new Azure datacenter locations.

[Fix] Fixed a miscalculation bug causing some Tweets to fail to send.